PHP curl ssl - cant connect to a https site

Recently, I was writing a PHP script for grabbing data from VeriSign through their API, but I was getting '0' as response. The problem was that curl SSL version and server's SSL version was different, so I needed to set it manually.

Call to undefined function curl_init

As the title says, probably curl extension for php is not installed/enabled and you got the following error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in ...

MySQL reset auto increment value

Consider the following table schema:

Redirect www to non www

When the user types your domain with www, for example, it will be redirected to Even if he access a page, it will be redirected to the same page without the www.

Increase PHP memory limit

To every PHP script that is executed it is assigned a limited amount of physical memory that can be used. For that reason, sometimes you need to increase PHP memory limit.

MySQL remote access

Let's say you want to connect to a remote MySQL server from your home computer. Consider the following configuration: