Category: Php

Auto submit your article link with the Reddit api

Because none of the current implementation of Reddit api in php doesnt work, i decided to write my own auto submiter. The main problem with this submitter is that Reddit requires to enter a captcha in order to submit a link.

Integrate gmail on your website using IMAP

This tutorial demonstrates how to integrate the basic functionality of the gmail system like displaying mailboxes and reading emails using IMAP.

Scrape alexa rank with PHP

This tutorial will teach you how to scrape Alexa rank for any website. I will use two different methods for scraping the rank. The first one is using regular expressions and the second one is by using a php/jquery library called phpquery.

Setting user agent in curl using php

PHP curl library gives you an option to change the user agent. All you need to do is to add the following line of code to the other set of curl options:

ASEOA - Alexa SEO Analytics WordPress Plugin

This is an online documentation for aseoa wordpress plugin. It helps you install, setup and use the plugin. If you have any problems, don't hesitate to contact me. I'll be glad to help you.

PHP - Display social statistics for each article

Today, almost every website has a like, share, tweet, google +1 buttons for each post on their home or category page, which slows down your page load time unless you are loading them asynchronously.

PHP - Twitter followers count

With the twitter API you can retrieve info for specific user. All you will need is to specify a screen name.

PHP - Tweet url counter

With the twitter api you can retrieve tweet count for a specific url. You can use full address including http or just a domain name for the url parameter value.

Google plus counter

In order to get the number of google plus shares for specific url you will need to send the following json string through a POST method:

Facebook like counter

Using the facebook graph api you can get facebook like count about any particular id or url. You can use facebook ID, friendly url or any url, for example: