Category: Linux

Convert ogv to avi with mencoder in Linux

If you were using recordMyDesktop or any similar screen recording software, you probably ended with a video in ogv format. Ogv is a video container format developed by the Xiph Foundation.

How to make sudo session longer in Linux

Are you bored to type your password everytime you execute a sudo command? By default when you use the sudo command, your administrative privileges last for 15 minutes and then you will need to type your password again.

Optimize png images with OptiPng

OptiPng is a optimizer for png images. It can compress images to a smaller size without losing quality. The current version of OptiPng is supported for Linux and Windows.

SSH login without password

Are you are tired of entering the password every time you log in? Or your script needs to perform tasks on another machine? Then this tutorial is for you, for only $99. But wait... j/k

Sendmail: unable to qualify my own domain name

In order to fix this problem, you will need to specify a domain name in /etc/hosts file in the next format: