ASEOA - Alexa SEO Analytics WordPress Plugin

This is an online documentation for aseoa wordpress plugin. It helps you install, setup and use the plugin. If you have any problems, don't hesitate to contact me. I'll be glad to help you.

ASEOA Installation

1.Plugin upload

Upload the plugin through wordpress install plugin page or by using a ftp client.

2.Plugin activation

When you activate the plugin, the plugin will scrape alexa rank and backlinks for the first time.

Here is the video version of ASEOA installation:

3.Plugin setup

Basicly you will need to setup a service that will visit the cron script url{cron_key} on a daily basis so the plugin can scrape alexa rank and backlinks. For that purpose you will need to setup a cron. Here is short explanation of what cron is. You can choose one of the following setups:

Setup cronjob with cPanel

Login to cPanel and navigate to cronjob settings page. Next, fill the cronjob form with the following info:

Minute: 05
Hour: 09
Day: *
Month: *
Year: *
Command: wget -q
NOTE: you will need to change the command with your info
cPanel cronjob

At the end, click the Add New Cron Job button. If everything is ok, the cronjob command will appear at the end of the page. With these settings, your own server will visit the cron script url at 09:05 AM every day. You can change the minute and hour as you wish.

Here is a video version on how to add cronjob with cPanel:

Setup Cronjob on a VPS/Dedicated server through command line

Login through ssh and enter the following command

#env EDITOR=nano crontab -e

This will open the crontab file in nano editor. Next, go to ASEOA Settings page and copy the cron cmd line. It should look something like this:

05 09 * * * wget -q

Here is a video version on how to add cronjob on VPS/Dedicated server:

Setup cronjob through external web service

If your hosting provider doesnt support cronjobs, you can register a free account here.


After installation and setup, ASEOA data page should look something like this:

aseoa data page


aseoa settings page

Disable cron - This option allow you to disable/enable the cron script at any time. When you disable the cron script, the plugin will not scrape alexa rank and backlinks

Alexa N/A value - this is replacement rank value when alexa doesn't have rank for your site.

Cron key - This is the key for executing the cron script. If you specify wrong key, the plugin will not scrape alexa rank and backlinks. You should not share with anyone.

NOTE: You should use the default settings provided with the plugin

Cron script url - This is the url for the cron script.

Cron cmd - This is the cronjob command which will execute the cron script on a daily basis at the specified time.


aseoa log page

On this page you can find information about cron script execution. Here is the list of messages:

  • Cant get last alexa rank
  • Alexa did not return proper response
  • Cant find alexa rank
  • Cant find number of backlinks
  • Wrong cron key. Please go to ASEOA settings page and check your cron key
  • Cron is disabled. Please go to ASEOA settings page and enable it
  • Could not write data to database
  • Success

What is a Cron

Cron is a time-based job scheduler in Unix-like computer operating systems. This means that you can setup any action to be performed at a specified time. For more info, please visit wikipedia's cron page.

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