Auto submit your article link with the Reddit api

Because none of the current implementation of Reddit api in php doesnt work, i decided to write my own auto submiter. The main problem with this submitter is that Reddit requires to enter a captcha in order to submit a link.

Convert ogv to avi with mencoder in Linux

If you were using recordMyDesktop or any similar screen recording software, you probably ended with a video in ogv format. Ogv is a video container format developed by the Xiph Foundation.

Apache: SoftException in Application.cpp:357

This error is caused by Apache and its because the script, in this case index.php, does not have the correct user and group ownership. Thus, Apache cannot access the file.

How to make sudo session longer in Linux

Are you bored to type your password everytime you execute a sudo command? By default when you use the sudo command, your administrative privileges last for 15 minutes and then you will need to type your password again.

Deny direct access to PHP files using htaccess

This can be helpful if you have a lot of include files and want to deny direct access to those files.

Optimize png images with OptiPng

OptiPng is a optimizer for png images. It can compress images to a smaller size without losing quality. The current version of OptiPng is supported for Linux and Windows.

SSH login without password

Are you are tired of entering the password every time you log in? Or your script needs to perform tasks on another machine? Then this tutorial is for you, for only $99. But wait... j/k

Apache - Create a VirtualHost

You will need to do 3 easy steps in order to create an Apache virtual host in Ubuntu: create VirtualHost file or add a VirtualHost record in the default VirtualHost file, enable the site and restart Apache.

Integrate gmail on your website using IMAP

This tutorial demonstrates how to integrate the basic functionality of the gmail system like displaying mailboxes and reading emails using IMAP.

Scrape alexa rank with PHP

This tutorial will teach you how to scrape Alexa rank for any website. I will use two different methods for scraping the rank. The first one is using regular expressions and the second one is by using a php/jquery library called phpquery.